What Are Kites Used For Today?

The first recorded use of a kite was in China around 500 BC when Mozi, also known as Mo Tzu, built a large kite with bamboo rods and silk cloth that carried an iron hook by which it could catch birds. 

In 1749 Benjamin Franklin published his famous account of flying a kite during a thunderstorm to prove lightning was electrical. We all know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone using tetrahedral cells made from paper after he saw how they lifted objects when attached to a string on one end and pulled by the wind.

Nowadays, kites are being used in many different ways. Some of them are listed below.

Human Flight

Whether it’s lifting heavy objects or carrying people through the sky, there is no limit to what man-lifting kites can do. Man-lifting kites were once used as reconnaissance tools by soldiers. This type of technology has been around for centuries and continues to be improved upon as time goes on.


There are many kite festivals worldwide where people compete with their kites made out of different materials. Other activities include making paper planes and flying them off roofs or into baskets hanging from tall poles. Visitors can also try their hand at making a traditional toy known as “flying fish.” It flutters slowly like a real fish jumping out of water.

Military Applications

One use for a kite is as an anti-aircraft target practice device. This was developed by Samuel Franklin Cody, who also helped develop the British Army’s staffed observation balloon force during World War I. Another exciting use for a kite is using it to haul human lookouts into the air. Back in World War II, the British Army did that with their new invention called barrage balloons.

Aerodynamics Experiments

From an aerodynamics point of view, two of the most critical users of kites were the Wright brothers. In 1899, as they were developing their theories for controlling an aircraft by using wing warping, they built a small, maneuverable kite to verify their ideas. The first flight was made on December 17th with a manned glider launched from a houseboat on Barnegat Bay near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Kites have also been used for science and meteorology, photography, lifting radio antennas, and generating power. They are also used in many sports such as snowkiting and kite surfing. To learn more about how kites are made, visit us at www.bskites.com.

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