Tips When Buying the Perfect Tiles

Choosing the right tile option for your home takes lots of consideration. You must get it right, or you’ll be living with your tiling choice for a long time. But with so many new tiles, designs, and patterns, it has become increasingly hard to know what best suits your needs. 

To avoid such costly mistakes, here are a few tips to pick the perfect floor tiles.

Decide Where to Lay the Tiles

Different tiles are designed to serve different purposes. For instance, some tiles are specifically designed for floors, whereas some can be used for both walls and floors. Similarly, some are designed for indoor use, and some are for outdoor use. 

Therefore, you need to know exactly where your tiles would go and what effect you plan to create. Take help of tile samples and place them in your room to decide better. 

Selecting the Right Colored Tiles 

The color of tiles widely impacts the look of the place. Let your imagination run wild in this step. A few tips for choosing the right colored tiles are: 

  • Dark grey or black tiles hide dirt and gives a dark tone to your space. 
  • All white tones are lighter. They make small spaces look bigger. 
  • Natural colored tiles tones are great to give a warm and relaxed feel. 
  • Metallic tiles add glamour to the space. 
  • Grey tiles can be used as a backdrop with a contrast of pops of color. 

Choose Correct Size and Scale 

Tile size and scale is also an important factor to consider. If you want your room to look bigger, then you should choose bigger tiles. Small tiles are perfect for places where the surface is not straight. Rectangle, square or irregular shapes of tiles bring out different results too. Think about your room’s proportions and then decide carefully. 

Ceramics or Porcelain Tiles

The difference between ceramics and porcelain tiles can be hard to tell. Ceramics are a good option for walls in areas where there is low moisture. Porcelain tiles are more water-resistant and perfect for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. 

Patterned or Plain Tiles

Patterned tiles are perfect for creating a bold look. They look perfect in isolated rooms. Whereas, for a minimal look, plain tiles can be more suitable. 

Picking the right tiles can lift the look of your space. It brings all elements of the particular area together. If you’re looking for more inspirational trends, check out B&S Kites

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