Our Team

Brianna Cottee


A fashion expert herself, Brianna worked as a director for a top-notch International fashion school before forming BS Kites. She is in the clothing business and owns several boutiques across the U.S. and Canada.

Queen Chester

Senior Editor

Queen Chester, or QC-as we call her, is our head writer and is responsible for the whole look and feel of our online platform and the information each of our content brings. A fashion professor by day, Queen ensures we always deliver in bringing our readers the latest trends in shopping and recreation.

Branden Milton

Personal Shopper, Contributor

Branden is an expert online shopper for many moguls and celebrities and has an exquisite taste in fashion that many of his clientele admires. He joined the group in hopes of influencing others to love fashion and retail.

Charisse Hathaway

In-house Photographer/Visual Editor

Charisse handles the visual needs of our website and is our lead photographer for most of our shoots.

Glen Fleming

Social Media Manager

Glen manages our online spaces and keeps our subscribers updated with the latest retail and fashion trends.