How to Make a Backyard Driving Range

Entertaining though it is to watch golf, it is actually more fun to play the game. Golf courses are expansive grounds, with precisely manicured lawns. A wonderfully relaxing place to go to practice that swing. Although you might not be getting enough time off as you would like.

However, if you’re looking to build a golf course in your home, you’re probably already familiar with the game. Maybe you want to learn, get better at it, or just get in some practice anytime you want.

It might not sound feasible at first to practice golf at home, but really all you need is a backyard- of a decent size. You won’t need 300 yards of lawn, a much smaller area would do just fine.

Here, we’ve brought together all the information you need to get started on building your own Backyard Driving Range. 

Make Space for Your Home Driving Range

Usually, a 20’ by 30’ clearing would work well. So you would need to get to work on your landscaping, to ensure the putting green is just right and there are no stumps or plantations in the way.

You will need to analyze the positioning and the ball trajectory, to decide where the net would go up without ricocheting off walls.

Get The Net

Here is where you’ll probably want to invest better, because you need the best quality. The right net would be sturdy enough to withstand shooting balls at high speeds repeatedly, without budging much and without tearing of course.

The net would have to be set up on one side of your yard, fanning out to the sides to catch any stray shots. When considering which 

Some enthusiasts have even managed to build their own DIY driving range net with PVC pipes and netting.

A Swing Mat

A 4’ to 5’ swing mat would work well enough for you. It needs to be large enough and sturdy enough to stand on it and take a swing. Using a swing mat would also allow you leniency in the lawn mowing precision. 

Practice and Record

With all the practice you’ll need to know how you’re doing. So, set up a spot to place a tripod with a camera mounted on it, and record how your practice sessions. It will show you what you’re doing right or wrong.


Light up your yard so you don’t have to stop practicing just because it’s nighttime. It would make the perfect night driving range to entertain fellow golf players or even just some quality family time.

There are a number of additional golfing equipment you could add to your home driving range;

  1. Golf Ball Shagger

To pick up the balls from the yard without needing to bend for each one.

  1. Swing Analyzer

This smart device will analyze your swing and give you feedback in real-time.

The steps are relatively simple and surprisingly low expense. You could hire a professional team with a driving range kit to set it up for you, or even try your hand at a homemade driving range. The best driving range is the one that works best for you and your space.

Are you planning on building your backyard driving range? Or perhaps you already have. We would love to hear about your experience.

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