Essentials When Setting Up a Party Venue

Many factors go into choosing the perfect venue for your event, and we want to help you make an informed decision. Whether it is a birthday party, debut, wedding, all of these factors can be applied.

  • Event Scope

You have to consider how big your event will be. The number of guests should always be decided before deciding on a venue for a party. The scope of your event is a huge factor that can affect the choice of the venue for your party 

  • Space

How much space does your event require should also be considered before deciding the venue. Also, you should check whether it is an open space or a closed hall before deciding on a place for your party.

  • Special needs accessibility

If you are expecting guests with special needs or disabilities like night blindness or someone with a wheelchair, you have to consider the accessibility of your venue. Most of the time, no one with a special need shows up but you should be prepared.

  • Electricity

You should always consider electricity provision before choosing a venue, especially if the venue you are deciding on is an open space. You should also inquire about lighting and fans/heaters arrangement for outdoors.

  • Parking

Parking can cause a huge mess if not inquired about beforehand. You should always choose a venue with enough parking space to accommodate the vehicles of your expected guests and still won’t be crowded.

  • Ambiance

Ambiance is one of the most important factors to consider before you actually decide on the final look of the venue. Aside form the lightings, furniture you will add, it is also necessary to have plants and flowers that can set the mood depending on the type of event your will hold.

When dealing with plants, it is better to get a plant installation services as they are much knowledgeable of what type of plants can go with the party.

  • Restrooms

Restrooms are a must for partying people. Ladies have to fix their makeup while men have the conversations of their life in the restrooms. So, make sure the restrooms are available and hygienic to keep your party going smoothly. This is a must when setting up a prom party venue as ladies tend to retouch their look after dancing.

  • Catering

Ask about catering and if the venue does not provide that service, ask about catering from outside the company that is providing you with the venue. You are good to move forward if they provide catering services but if not you’ll need to find a caterer.

  • Food Service

Go and ask for samples, check the food quality, discuss the quantity, look at cutlery and utensils, and anything else you want to inquire about. It is better safe than sorry. Decide on things before you go for the venue hunt.

  • Drinks

Ask about the drinks. Inquire about permissions to consume alcohol and also about if they will provide the drinks or you have to bring your own alcohol. If they are providing you the drinks, discuss the charges.

  • Rent

You can not book a place if the rent is too high even if everything else is perfect. Decide on the expenditure before looking for a venue so that you know the places you should visit and the places you should not, to avoid any overspending.

  • Sitting Arrangements

Communicate about the sitting arrangements you have in mind to the venue owner and ask them about the choice in color, arrangement, and anything else you want, and then decide on the venue.

  • Equipment

Check whether a venue comes with equipment like lights, a microphone, speakers, projectors, or anything else you need for your party. Also, ask about whether they charge extra for these things or not.

  • Flooring

Check whether the flooring is according to your needs. If you want a glass floor or a wooden one, tell the owner if they can arrange that for you. Let them know about all the requirements you have before deciding.

Consider all of these elements before choosing the venue for your party and you will be good to go.

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